Run Forrest Run

from by Resentful Mind




Liar! / Life was/ like a/ a box of shit.
You/ always/ know what/ you’re gonna get.
I/ just do/ the worst with/ what God gaves me.
This/ is Hell/ and you try/ to sell Heaven

Hey, tell me what you know
About/ War, murder and death.
Hey, has your mama a think
To explain/ Pain, chaos and tears.

Shut up, stop it, right now, you little wanker!
Step back, fuck off, get out, I have warned you!

Run Forest run
If I catch you
I’ll do charge you
For all the dreams that you’ve gave me

Run Forest run
If I catch you
I’ll do charge you
To all the dreams that never come true

I/ ‘ve an in’/ teresting/ way of explaining
Things/ so you/ you could / understand them.
I / guess there/ just are/ just are enough
Rocks/ to stop/ your lit’/ tle mouth to speech!

Lie, waffle on, fake, so much harm done.
Crap, bullshit, guff, it’s time for action.


Run Forest run
Get out of my way
Run or die (X2)

That’s all/ I’ve to/ say/ about/ you!


from Mediapolis, released June 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Resentful Mind Toulouse, France

Resentful Mind est quatuor de Narbonne. Basé sur un style hardcore, le groupe intègre du metal, du punk et du rock 'n roll afin de casser la baraque à tous les coups.
Pour les fans de The Chariot/Raised Fist/Everytime I Die

Olivier : chant / guitare
Teddy : basse / chœurs
Yoan : guitare
Kevin : batterie
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